The Friends of the Castle Marusevec Association was founded in 1996, with the purpose of preserving and promoting the castle's cultural, historical and natural inheritance in the region. During the past five years more than 30 cultural events took place in the castle, among which exhibitions of photographic and graphic art, paintings, biblical texts, sculptures, ancient machines and traditional costumes. Several classical concerts, notable among which is "the Baroque Nights of Varaždin", are held here; Christmas and Easter choral and orchestral concerts are traditional on the site. From the basket of popular traditions of the area, several have been salvaged and revived; notable and very popular is the festivity of adorning "Zeleni Jure" (Green George) . Several book promotions took place there, especially those evoking the historical past of Mauševec, as well as the names and outstanding local residents' works, most notably those of the poets Gustav Krklec and Matija Smodek. A festival by the name of "Souvenir of Marusevec" was organized in the the castle. Certainly, here must be mentioned Jurica Varga, the castle´s painter. With regard to the magnificent landscape and the almost virgin natural environment, the Association is also in charge of ecological protection and preservation of the entire surroundings of the castle, for the benefit of future generations and, equally, to safeguard national cultural inheritance of the region. For every person who loves nature and cares for humanity, Marusevec will constitute a rich and complete experience in the beauty of our world, motivated by the aphorism "DUM SPIRO, SPERO" (WHILE I BREATHE, I HOPE) engraved on the castle´s wall by one of its builders. Inspired by a total devotion toward the old castle, the members of the Association of Friends of the Castle Marusevec, through their dedication, are giving it the spirit of a new life.


Blanka Glavica-Jecmenica